Bio Qualität

Did you know that in Germany and Switzerland products can be certified as organic if 95% of their ingredients are organic? Sounds good you might think!
Yeah, but... it's not good enough for us!
Organic agriculture goes hand in hand with our philosophy of offering fresh, authentic and delicious products while respecting and caring for the natural life cycles of the environment. This is why we offer products with ingredients that are 100% certified organic - and we will always stick to them!
Our açaí meets strict EU organic farming guidelines that prohibit certain fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. These not only have a negative impact on our health, but also on our environment and biodiversity. The same caution applies to our delicious Açaí Bowls. We have carefully selected only the best ingredients for our products, which are produced with respect for people and nature.
To have the small green organic label on our products is cool yes, but to know that our ingredients are certified every year by strict testing bodies feels even better! From the palm trees in Brazil to our factory in Germany, everything is thoroughly tested to give you the best Superfood quality!